Be a real life Superhero ~ Star in a feature film (preferably as a Superhero - I nominate Starfire or Domino #JustSaying)  ~ Meet The GUV  ~ Be Directed by The GUV ~ Become Indiana Jones ~ Swim as a mermaid ~ Lay under the northern lights ~ Try dreadlocks (think it would look super cool) Sheer a sheep ~ Learn Krav Maga ~ Dye my hair white ~ Milk a cow ~ Fly a kite ~ Learn to swim ~ Present on The Voice ~ Live to see the Thundercats movie ~ Try and be in the Thundercats movie ~ Become an AvatarDance with Ricky Martin​~ Work on Star Wars ~ Be a zombieRewatch the whole of Godfather ~ Dye my hair blue ~ Make sure everyone knows 'The Rock' was the best movie in the universe ~ Be the 'British chick' in a US sitcom ~ Buy my Mama an houseLive in South America for atleast 3 months ~ Go to Timbuktu ~ Discover the Bermuda Triangle ~ Try Ayahuasca in South America ~ Learn to play the guitar ~ Do a stand up comedy show ~ Jump off a cliff ~ Jump off an even bigger cliff ~ Jump off a waterfall ~ Backpack ~ Sleep in an igloo ~ Go to the Oscars ~ Fish with my bare hands ~ Climb a mountain ~ Create my clothing designs ~ Dye my hair Pink ~ Perfect my Spanish ~ Meet the Backstreet boys in person (attempt to hold it together while doing so)Be the face of Thomas Sabo ~ Write a sitcom ~ Appear in Home and Away~ Do the Karate Kid kick in an anti-gravity chamber ~ Visit Space ~ Meet an Alien ~ Get a txt from Leonardo DiCaprio ~ Do a TED Talks ~ Sneak into Area51 ~ Wear the Batman costume ~ Sleep under the stars ~ Go to a WorldCup final (preferably with Spain playing) ~ Eat the most delicious food on the planet ~ Become an Ork ~ Dance under a pouring Monsoon ~ Get a dogKnit a massive blanket in an array of blueness ~ Jump in the sky ~ Bury myself in watermelon ~ Make a difference ~ Discover a treasure ~






Arazou Baker has become one of the freshest most exciting presenters to hit our screens. With her affinity for adventure and her creative curiosity as her driving force, her uniquely explorative and immersive form of presenting has her taking on the role to a whole new level.

Arazou’s experiences have taken her from designing features and presenting them on the BBC’s Blue Peter, to grilling artists and musicians on ITV2; her career has proven as diverse as it comes as she progressed in becoming the first new face to hit our screens on ITV2’s The Hot Desk. Arazou also has a very close relationship with Channel 4 where she was working as their in-house presenter for nearly two years. She has also fronted her very own primetime show, London Film Club, broadcast live every week on London Live.

Having spent a 5-years submerged in the world of Architecture, Arazou decided to take the leap and begin her journey into the world of presenting. This journey began in 2010 where she started at the BBC in Production. Soon after, she was given her first opportunity presenting while working at Elstree Studios.

As a presenter, she’s been working consistently with various broadcasters creating both long form and short form content for a multi-platform industry. She is constantly developing ideas and carving her own mark as a future talent, both onscreen and in production. 

When she’s not presenting, you can find Arazou submerged on the set of the next feature film, which she describes as her happy place. 

Arazou wants to explore a world of new experiences, throwing herself into any and every situation all guns blazing; whether she finds herself cliff jumping without knowing how to swim, or simply piecing together anything broken without a manual to hand (google-lessly) – she goes forward knowing that there’s no challenge she won’t accept and no result she can’t achieve.

Arazou wants to immerse herself in a colourful world filled with superheroes, movie sets, obsessive eating and a force field around her that repels all nay-sayers and disbelievers. Not afraid to say what she thinks, she likes pushing boundaries and it seems to come naturally; breaking the mould without actually realising there is one.

Arazous USP’s include her creative curiosity, and her complete unassuming nature. “My dad still calls me his Son so definitely not the average run in the mil girl”.

Growing up, she very early on ditched the dolls and reached for a makeshift whip and hat, searching for her inner Indiana Jones. With the heart of an adventurer, her eccentric ways have now resulted in a quirky combination of DIY, heels and power tools plus a complete rebel to convention.

With her persistence, tenacity and unwavering ability to rise above any challenge, she is an example to all strong independent women and her can-do attitude makes her a beacon for female empowerment. She hopes to continue this into an explorative form of immersive documentaries in a way that has not been done before. 

Arazou loves to discover and experience life first hand; whether that be unearthing the next big gem, telling a story unheard or taking the road less travelled; discovery is the name of her game, and with that, still has an unmoving belief that she will, one day, become Indian Jones.