Arazou Baker is a Kurdish/British actor and writer, born in Vienna and raised in London. Having spent 5 years submerged in the world of architecture, Arazou decided to take the leap and begin her journey into the world of film making and acting.

As well as being a qualified Architect, Arazou also speaks six languages and is an advanced level Krav Maga martial artist.

Arazou began taking acting classes in 2016 with with Anthony Meindl in both London and Los Angeles, and soon began landing roles in Feature Films and TV. She has worked consistently with various productions creating both long and short form content and is consistently writing, developing ideas and carving her own path in the world of film. 

Growing up, she very early on ditched the dolls and reached for a makeshift whip and hat, searching for her inner Indiana Jones. Arazous USPs include her unassuming nature; “My dad still calls me his son" - so definitely not the average run of the mill girl. Not afraid to say what she thinks, she likes pushing boundaries and it seems to come naturally; breaking the mould without actually realising there is one.

With her persistence, tenacity and unwavering ability to rise above any challenge, she is an example to all strong independent women and her can-do attitude makes her a beacon for female empowerment. She hopes to carry this into every role she embodies.

Arazou loves to discover and experience life first hand; whether that be unearthing the next big gem, telling a story unheard or taking the road less travelled. Discovery is the name of her game, and with that, still has an unwavering belief that she will, one day, become Indiana Jones.